John Fields’ Story
How I Got Here

I have always believed in God. I know that where I am He is also. Whether I speak His name or whisper “Jesus;” I feel His presence.

I was born and raised a Catholic in Stockton. My partner and I were together for a number of years and we decided to move to the Sacramento area. I started attending Saint Francis Catholic Church where my brother and sister went to mass. I felt at home with them there; yet, I still flt something tugging at me.

It was a few years later that I (we) were invited to a different kind of church by some really cool friends. They said it was a reconciling church. I asked,
“What does that mean?” After they explained to me that it meant the church was accepting and welcoming gay people, I said “Perhaps one day I will go.” Then, on a raining, nasty, Sunday morning, one that should be spent in bed with a large, hot cocoa, I got up and said to Byron, “I am going to church.” He asked, “Where?” I  said, “I am going to a new church.”  I knew the area the church was supposed to be in, but I couldn’t remember the name they had given me. All I wanted to do was get to church. I got lost.  I found myself behind a mall off of Watt Avenue. I turned this way and that and still could not find this church–so I pulled over in a residential area, put the car in park and asked God for directions. I said, “I really want to be there–I just need your help–I am lost–or I’m going home to that hot cocoa.” Well, I went down the street and turned the left and down another street and I saw this beautiful little church. I got out of my car and went inside–and sat in the far corner and in the last pew.

I heard a sermon full of love and compassion. The person at the pulpit was teaching that we are all loved by GOD–and that we need to understand that we are meant to be where He puts us at this time. I was not sure if this was the church I was invited to or not. So what if it was the wrong church? I knew that I liked what I heard. The person behind the pulpit was none other than Reverend Faith Whitmore. I still did not know if this church was the right church or not; but service was over and I started walking out. then I saw my friends entering as I was leaving. We talked and I stayed for the second service. I came back the next week. After a few weeks my partner Byron asked if he could tag along and I said, “Sure, the more the merrier.”  After attending services for a short while Byron wanted to become members of Saint Mark’s.  It was then that I knew that THIS was where we were meant to be. My prayers were answered. Thank You GOD.