General information

Missionary Relations Ministry

Responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with our missionary and UM-Volunteers in Mssion work in Honduras, Congo, Angola, Bolivia, and many other developing countries and supporting this work through gifts of money, material aid as well as provision of Sunday School curriculum materials. St. Mark’s United Methodist Church has a long history of supporting mission work throughout the world. Bill and Esther Finster came from St. Mark’s and were missionaries in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) from 1960-1985. They introduced to us the Chimonyos, who live in Zimbabwe.

The Action Team continues to help support our missionaries including Mama Shimba Bulaya, our missionary contact in the US, who is actively working at the translation of Sunday School material into French and preparing a Nutrition book for use in the Congo. We are continuing to send our church materials to the Chimonyos at the Mabelreign UMC in Harare, Zimbabwe. They have thanked us for sending this material to them and have assured us that they make good use of used educational materials. Additional information about United Methodist global work may be found at To learn more about this ministry, contact Neva and Jim Munro.