St. Marks’s Quilt Guild

St. Marks’s Quilt Guild

2018-2019 Calendar of Events

The St. Mark’s Quilt Guild is a group interested in the art of quilting, gathered for fellowship, for learning, for sharing, for spiritual insight and for mission.  New quilters, experienced quilters and quilt “fans” are all welcome and encouraged!

Meetings are held the first Monday of the month, September-July in the St. Mark’s library, first floor of the education building at 7:00pm-9:00pm. Other gatherings may be organized (sewing bees, outings, teaching sessions, retreats) as the participants show interest!

Each monthly meeting may include a speaker, a demonstration of a technique, sharing of quilt knowledge, a time for “show & tell” of finished (or in progress) quilts, a sewing session and other interests. Each session will open with a reflection on a spiritual aspect of quilting.

Any expenses will be paid by voluntary donations; i.e. a monthly donation ($1-$5) to cover general expenses and volunteers will provide refreshments each month. This is  group-led so that leadership of each individual is encouraged!

St. Mark’s Quilt Guild donated to Sutter Breast Cancer “Hope Takes Flight” and the item was auctioned for more than $500.00! Eleven quilts were delivered to the LGBT Youth Center in Midtown Sacramento. Blocks are in the making to submit to the 2019 Susan B. Anthony Quilt in honor of Women’s voting rights.

There have been other projects:  landscape block, sewing techniques, English paper piecing, a quilted frog,  use and maintenance of featherweight machines, quick & easy English Rose pillow covers, binding, applique, and more.   Feel free to suggest a skill or topic! 

2019 Calendar

February 4:  Sewing panels with Betty!!  Bring a panel or come to learn how to make one of your own and Betty will lead us through the steps that provide a lovely wall or table decoration or gift.

Wyn will do the reflection and refreshments are needed, any Volunteers?

March 4:  Betty has generously volunteered to teach this spring, this time on sewing curves.  However, this does not mean that others cannot participate in this segment of our monthly meetings.  Please volunteer, individuals & small groups or suggest outside speakers/teachers
Reflection volunteer and refreshments needed.

April 1: Teaching will make them masters of binding and square corners, and  other techniques that  will set your quilt off.

May 6:  Field Trip, choosing colors
Reflection volunteer needed and refreshments will be a lunch out.

June 3: Sashiko Japanese quilting led by Wendy and Betty.
Reflection volunteer and refreshments needed.

July 3:  Last meeting of the Year, potluck dinner and  “Show & Tell”.
Reflection:  What have we learned, loved, done, and plan for the future! Fellowship & Fun!