Invocation at Rally against Supreme Court Prop. 8 Decision
Faith Whitmore Invocation

The Rev. Faith Whitmore gave the invocation at the May 26, 2009 rally on the steps of the State Capital in Sacramento, protesting the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Prop 8.

Here’s what she said:

God of us all, known by many names and experienced through many faith traditions, we are here together, confident that we are all created in your image which is expansive and imaginative enough to include gay and lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight with all hues of skin colors and body shapes and sizes. You have a wonderful sense of humor and tender heart O God, and here we are, diverse and wonderful reflections of You.

We also know you to be a God of justice and so we can’t help but believe that your heart broke with ours this morning as the decision of the Court was read. We pray for strength along this journey as it is tiring and discouraging ~ but we know that justice shall prevail one day, albeit not this day. We pray for the spirit of strength, justice, wisdom and perseverance that infused so many – people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.; Mary Tsukamoto, Harvey Milk – people who would not give up and people who would not let others take their joy, dignity, and faith away in the struggle for equality.

I pray your grace and blessing be upon each of us and all of us together as we move forward, for there is much left to do – many conversations that still need to take place, wounds that need to be healed, hearts that need to be touched and marriages waiting to be celebrated, which have once again been put on hold.

It seems so simple – your commandment that we should love one another… help us, O God, to do ~ and allow ~ just that. Amen.