Relief for Fire Victims
Assistance and Support

Many have been asking how they can best support the families who are victims of the fires in Northern California, specifically Sonoma County/Santa Rosa.  A list of needed supplies was published on October 12.  Since that date, the centers in the area have been inundated with supplies and are now encouraging people to donate funds for the on-going needs to recover and rebuild.  

There are two options for giving funds to help these folks in need.  Though either option is a gift to St. Mark’s, it’s designation will be the difference.  Your check or cash gift in an envelope should be marked “Fires,” if you wish it to go to the conference office and directly to United Methodist churches in Sonoma County for distribution.  Or mark it “UMCOR,” and it will be routed to the United Methodist Committee on Relief that is one of the first on the scene for any disaster situation.  They are in the fire area now.

Thank you for your concern and generosity.